Sunshade has been developed to protect all smooth skinned, fleshy fruits from the harmful effects of heat and UV radiation in sub-tropical areas. Farmers wishing to improve the appearance and seasonal yield of fruit crops will benefit from regular applications of Sunshade.

Sunshade is a proprietary formulation of Kaolin and Copper Oxychloride developed by Delta Chemicals (Pty) Ltd. It contains a very fine silica-free Kaolin commonly used as a food additive and in cosmetics. Kaolin is considered safe for humans and the environment. This wettable powder adheres well to fruit and does NOT need any addition of wetters or stickers. When sprayed on fruit and vegetables, it forms a physical barrier to act against heat stress and sunburn.

It also contains Copper Oxychloride which is used in the well known fungicide DEMILDEX and therefor assists in the eradication of certain diseases.


  • Approved for ORGANIC farming;
  • Easy to apply with standard spray equipment;
  • Reduces sunburn;
  • Reduces fruit temperature;
  • No need for additional copper spray;
  • No need for additional stickers or wetters;
  • Residue can easily be removed in the packhouse;
  • Can improve yield of export quality.