Only the highest quality ingredients go into Demildex. Copper joiners (major contributors of heavy metal impurities such as lead) are removed. As a result, DEMILDEX averages a very low 73 ppm lead level, well below the International Standard of 250 ppm.

Less undesirable copper chloride in DEMILDEX

All copper oxychloride and copper hydroxide products follow the same production process  whereby copper chloride is an intermediate compound. The level of copper chloride in  the final product is directly proportional to the reaction (manufacturing) time.

This is important to know because chloride is highly undesirable for its phytotoxic effects on plants. Symptoms include burning of the leaves or blemishes on the fruit.Because of the extra long oxygenation time with DEMILDEX’s production process, this product has minimal (0,05% to 0,09% ) copper chloride levels. Other brands tested showed copper chloride levels of as high as 2%. The very low copper chloride content in DEMILDEX is an important consideration for all crops, especially the more sensitive crops such as tomatoes.


DEMILDEX is anultra fine, low dust, wettable powder Copper Oxychloride fungicide containing 50% copper. DEMILDEX is specifically formulated for horticultural application. DEMILDEX’s unrivalled ultra fine formulation ensures:

  • More complete suspensibility within the spray tank (the degree of suspension with DEMILDEX has reached 89.19% – the upper physical limit for this type of product). High suspensibility ensures DEMILDEX is kept in maximum suspension in the spray solution and eliminates deposits being left in the tank;
  • No nozzle blockages when used as directed;
  • DEMILDEX has been especially formulated as a wettable powder with excellent flow characteristics to minimise dust and operator exposure.



  • DEMILDEX is not broken down by sunlight and remain active on the plant surface;
  • DEMILDEX is non corrosive when used as directed;
  • DEMILDEX is non abrasive. This is a function of smallness of the particle size and nature of the product;
  • DEMILDEX is conveniently packaged in 1 kg and 25 kg bags. There are no drums to dispose of.