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  • Zinc-Flo must be administered to all grains when the young plants break the surface of the soil. Spraying with a mixture of Zinc-Flo (300ml/ha) and Demildex (400g/ha) is important on crops like wheat, soja and dry beans just before they reach “stoelstadium”. Sunflower crops must be sprayed just before the flowers appear and potatoes must be sprayed as regularly as possible.


  • Zinc-Flo will add significant value to any spray program on vegetable- and fruit crops. Spraying when new leaves are starting to form/show is very important, especially to prevent yellowing and early aging of the leaves.


  • Spraying of citrus trees have to be done shortly after the yield (oranges etc.) have been gathered.


  • The chemical characteristics of Zinc-Flo shows a remarkable similarity with that of Demildex. (Although they are primarily different in the kind of crops they target, they can still be used on each others’ target crops with good success). These two products do mix very well together and they also supplement (and complement) each other exceptionally well when used in a disease management programme. Application for citrus trees must be as soon as the new leaves start showing or when deciduous fruit trees reaches the “green” stadium.