Berakah Business Development (Pty) Limited  is the official marketing arm of leading agricultural chemical manufactures such as Delta Chemicals.

We appreciate and believe we are at the forefront of the international drive to reduce damaging chemical fertilizer and pesticides usage whilst ensuring healthy & increasing crop yields with a ever growing international population in mind. It has been the view of Berakah Business Development that a sustainable and holistic approach to cultivating crops that simultaneously protects and builds the environment is of the utmost importance.

This is the reason why we sourced the best, non-systemic products to effectively manage diseases in all kinds of crops which will simultaneously build up our most precious resource, i.e. our soil. Thus reliance on synthetic fertilizers and the old –style chemicals is a definite NO in our view, and has been for over 18 years where our products have been implemented with great success internationally for more than 18 years.

It comes down to the the following – if you look after your resource with careful planning and management using our excellent products, you’ll be investing in better farming, resulting sustainable better (and even improving) crops every year! So why wait to unlock the vast potential of your soil and crops.


Ensuring sustainable & healthy crops through sensitivity to natures’ needs.

Berakah is committed to achieving our mission through the following actions:

  • Offering highest quality products whilst simultaneously managing and bettering our soil/fields;
  • Ongoing research to better our products and services
  • Ongoing research in caring for- and looking after natures’ present and future needs whilst giving ultimate and healthy yields
  • Constant product availability
  • Looking after each and every clients business with care, as they are our friends also